Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are essentially solar hot water without the need for panels. They work similar to a reverse cycle air conditioner. By using a fan to draw air that compresses the gases inside the unit causing heat.

Heat pumps are perfect for homes that are not suitable for solar panels due to shading, roof area ect.

Solar Hot Water

The sun’s energy is used to heat water, similar to the way it heats water left in a hose on a hot sunny day.

The water is heated as it circulates through solar collectors located on the roof and is then stored in an insulated storage tank on the ground.

The water is circulated using a whisper quiet German made low energy pump and controlled by a unique purpose built system controller.

Swimming Pool Solar Heating

Sunbather flexible strip solar heating is the most popular type of solar, occupying over 90% of the Australian market. With a track record of over 40 years, Sunbather Strip collector is the most flexible, versatile, and best looking solar under the sun and has the awards list and 15 year warranty to prove it. Getting around Air-conditioning units, PV solar panels, and skylights is no issue for Sunbather HiPEC, making Sunbather a preference for the trade and clients.

We can extend your swimming season for as little as $80 a year.

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