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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Can solar hot water heat my pool?

No. Solar hot water only heats the hot water for your house. Ask us about solar pool heating.

Will the system power my house?

Solar hot water uses the heat from the sun to heat the water, solar power uses the light from the sun to make electricity. they are two totally different technologies but fortunately we sell both. Ask us about Solar Power.

Do I have to have tank on the roof?

No, the tank can go on either the roof in a closed coupled system or the ground in a split system.

What is the difference between flat panels and evacuated tubes?

Evacuated tube system, like the Apricus system we sell, use a series of tubes that catch the heat from the sun and store it in the tube. As the tube has had the air sucked out of it (evacuated) it is an excellent heat producer. That heat transfers to the water that is pumped up from the tank and is fedd back down the other side back into your tank. No water goes into the tubes. Flat panel is a more traditional method water pumps from the tanks, through the panels and back down to the tanks. It works as simply as leaving a hose in the sun.

Do I need to let the local council know I am installing solar hot water?

The council no longer needs to be notified before hand, but we are required to submit a form for afterwards to let them know we have done a solar hot water system.

Will there be any leaks in my roof?

We never get leaks in a roof and extremely rarely get leaks on a roof. We do not join copper anywhere in your roof, under usual circumstances, we also a very careful to seal all penetrations and if a tile does get broken we repair or replace it. We would only repair for very small cracks.

How much will I save on my power bill?

Our solar hot water system will save you an average of 80-90% on your water heating costs.

Can I keep my old tank?

You are more than welcome to keep your old tank. We usually tank them of site and recycle them but we will be happy to leave on site.

Can you connect new panels to my old tank?

If you do not replace the whole system you will miss out on around $1600 worth of STC credits. It ends up costing nearly the same to retro fit your old tank. Ask us for further clarification.

What qualifications do we have to sell and install?

We are licensed plumbers, we also have a QBSA (QLD contractors license) QBSA 1193501

Are we insured?

We have all public and professional licenses to cover our staff and you.

How many systems have we installed?

In the last 15 years we have installed over 1500 solar hot water systems.

How long does it take to install?

Install can takes anywhere from 3-5 hours, but depends on your house.

Are there any rebates?

Both state and federal rebates are now gone. However the STC (REC) program is still in force. We give these to you as a discount up front. Please call us for clarification 0407913900