Electric Hot Water

At Anything Hot Water, we supply and install a wide range of electric hot water units. The average life of a hot water unit is 5 to 25 years, depending on its service history, location of unit ect.

We can advice on the best location to install for maximum efficiency and life span and as there is a whole range of different sizes, warranties and brands, we can advise you of your best option considering both your family size and budget, In some cases we even offer refurbished hot water systems with our own written warranties.

Electric Hot Water System Repairs and Service

Is your Hot water system not producing hot water? This doesn’t necessarily mean that a new hot water system is needed. Our vehicles come fully stocked with spare parts and in many cases it could merely be a faulty thermostat or element, which is easily repaired or replaced.

We can also book you in for scheduled hot water maintenance, where every 12 months we will visit your home or business, test the element and thermostat, and replace the sacrificial anode in the hot water system if need be, giving you the piece of mind that you are getting the maximum performance from your system.

Contact the team on 0407913900 or email us – for more information.